Picking a wine should be exciting – choose the region, the grape, open the bottle, pour out and enjoy. Reality tends to be more complicated – you either pick a mass-produced wine from your local supermarket and hope this one will be better than your previous choice or listen to a long lecture by an expert and then pay 27 euros for that bottle. Or just buy the exact same wine you discovered 11 years ago and have been buying ever since.

Martin and Juhan-Markus, the founders of Veiniekspress, have set forth to put the win back in wine. At the end of a hard week of work, looking after children and bad weather (we live in Estonia), we just wanted to relax and open a bottle of wine without the above-mentioned obstacle course. For that, we set up Veiniekspress.

Veiniekspress picks out two to three smaller vineyards each month. Every month a new country and region. Because we are all buying together in bulk once every month, the wine offered is far cheaper than in supermarkets. We save on storage, transport and labour costs. Just better wines and more affordable prices.

We do the hard work, all you have to do is open the bottle, pour out the lovely wine and enjoy.

Check out our current or up-coming region and wines.

Enough talk, show me the wines

If you run a vineyard and you are proud of the wine you produce, please contact us about selling your wines through Veiniekspress. Write to Martin, Veiniekspress’s head of purchases at martin@veiniekspress.ee